Logos for corporate identity and branding.
Heaton Baptist Church, Newcastle // SAT-7: Satellite TV Broadcasting Company // Flying Dough Baking Supplies: online home baking supplies //Cedar Garage: Independent automotive services // Any Horse Transport; Premium horse transportation service // Rwanda Film Commission: End credits logo

Information leaflets

Client: Bristol Care Homes // A4 information leaflets for vistors to each of the care homes in the group.

Publisher's imprint logo

Client: Ivy Group // Logo for a book publisher and packager.

Mail order catalogue

Client: Nicola Jane // 48pp mail order catalogue for mastectomy fashion products. Set design and art direction of model photography. Photo retouching and press ready digital artwork.

Quarterly newsletter

SAT-7 is a not for profit organisation producing and broadcasting television programmes for Christians in the Middle East. We have worked closely with the company's offices in Cyprus and the UK for over 15 years producing regular newsletters, annual reports and fundraising literature.

Company logo and business card

Comfortable Shoes is nothing to do with shoes! - rather the experience of well-being that comes when one is in the right place; in your own skin and at work. This simple fold out business card launched the new identity and explained the company's mission in one.

Publisher's imprint & brochure

Client: Palm Press // This logo and brochure for a Christian publisher uses the palm fronds to link to a Biblical theme. The brochure is bound with a real folded palm.

Event branding

Client: City Showcase // Logo for a London based not-for-profit music event organiser, responsible for breaking some of the best names into the industry.

Pregnancy counselling services folder

Client: Acorn Pregnancy Counselling Centre // Credit card size outer with multi-fold out inner sheet // This leaflet was designed to be small enough for displaying in areas of limited space and to be descrete yet appealling to young women, whilst conveying the essential services of the centre.

Product services brochure

Client: Hayes UK // Corporate brochure to introduce a safety product supplier. The diamond shape featured in the exiting logo was used as a cut away to reinforce the safety theme.

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