Heritage Landscapes

Client: AA Publishing // 192pp // Britain's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) are often overlooked when much attention in the media focuses on the National Parks. This book was designed to highlight these forgotten jewels in our national heritage by using stunning photography of wide landscapes, set alongside close-up details of all that is best about our treasured islands.

Titanic Love Stories

Client: Ivy Press // 192pp // To coincide with the centenary of the SS Titanic disaster, this book focuses on the 13 couples sharing their honeymoons on the fateful voyage whose stories are told using eyewitness accounts and memorabilia. The design uses cost effective 2 colour printing achieiving an authentic period look with the supplied text and researched images.

Crime Lover's Companion

Client: Ivy Press // All the classic fictional detectives are gathered in this essential reference book.

Haunted Britain

Client: AA Publishing// 256pp // Using photo library material we created suitably mysterious artwork and layouts to illustrate the author's text about locations with a supernatural reputation in Britain.

Small Garden

Client: Bridgewater Books // 256pp // Working directly with well known garden designer John Brookes, a picture researcher and the in-house editor, we created a bold revision of John's classic book for Dorling Kindersley.

AA Leisure Guides

Client: AA Publishing // 160pp // We were commissioned to redesign these popular regional leisure guides to incorporate the latest information on places to go and things to do including walks, car tours and cycle rides. The series now comprises over a dozen regions of Britain.

M&S Best of British Cookbook

Client: Bridgewater Books // 256pp // Design and artwork for a classic M&S British food cookbook. The book uses black and white regional photography to acheive a sense of place for the dishes featured.

Sunlight Print Kit

Client: Ivy Press // Boxed pack containing instuction book and materials for discovering the art of making cyanotype photographic images using only sunlight without a darkroom.

Grow Vegetables

Client: Dorling Kindersley // 352pp // An easy to use, clear and unfussy styling proved ideal for DK's complete guide to growing your own produce.

Somerville's Travels

Client: AA Publishing // 256pp // A collection of 20 long distance walks across Britain by Christopher Somerville, who describes his personal reactions and observations of life along the way. The design captures the large scale landscapes and the close up details that are part of the walking (or just reading!) experience.

Sumi-e The Art of Japanese Brush Painting

Client: Ivy Press // Starter Kit & 96pp book // Complete package design and production in keeping with the style of this ancient Japanese art.

The Golf Tour

Client: AA Publishing// 192pp // 47 major golf courses are covered in this guide featuring the history of the great clubs. On every course each hole was illustrated for yardage and features. The project demanded the co-ordination of many sources of information and picture material.

Cutting Edge: Phillipe Starck

Client: Bridgewater Books // 64pp // For this title in a series on famous designers, an unconventional approach was required to match the unconventional nature of the subject. We worked with the in-house art director to supply typography, design layouts and artwork using researched picture material. Each subject was closely involved with the content of the books and Phillipe Starck personally appoved the designs.


Client: Ivy Press // 224pp // Design of a modern translation of Homer's Iliad. Effective use of commissioned artwork and two colour printing resulted in an upmarket book on a tight budget. (Illustrator Sarah Young)

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